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Downtown Searsport
Easy Access 

Visit our neighbors:


Splendiferous Sweete Shop




Starboard Lounge


The Aquarian Gift Shop

Anodyne Books

The Parsonage Gallery


Penobscot Marine Museum


Blushing Moon Beauty 


Seabird Pop Up Gallery         (see Trove's main page for info)
Tozier's Grocery Store
22 E Main St. Searsport


Neighbors to our North:

The Homeport Inn & Tavern


Captain Nickels Inn

Bed & Breakfast

Neighbors to our South:


Amandine Bakery

Workshop Winery


We appreciate you planning a visit to our special downtown.

The businesses in Searsport welcome you.  Our restaurants are

exceptional along with our quality shops & galleries and amazing

Penobscot Marine Museum (opening back up in May!).

With a new road, sidewalks and light fixtures underway, this charming downtown is ready for our exciting new restoration. 

We have plenty of parking arranged during our "Little Dig".  Parking available at the Mermaid Plaza as you enter town from the South, or on Goodall Street beside Toziers.  From there you just loop up Mt Ephram & take a left on Old County (see map). Driving in from the North you can park in the lot before Mortland and walk into town.  Turn around and head back without the detour.  

In fact, the maps look more daunting than it actual is.  We are talking 10 or so minutes added to your drive.  No problem, right?

I think we are worth the visit.

Please call or email for clarification on parking and access.

Thank you for visiting!

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